Joel is a Husband, Father and a banker. Working for a family owned bank in Omaha, Nebraska. Joel enjoys being outside playing in the yard with his kids and grilling out with friends.

He enjoys hunting, fishing and photography when possible.
The reason I’m writing this blog is to help to people first and foremost. I DO NOT have a finance degree from an Ivy league school and this is not a senior thesis paper. What this is to help guide the way from credit concerns that some people may have and not want to ask a friend, family or a banker. Weather it be due to pride or not knowing what to ask or may not know how to ask,  this is for you. If you were expecting this to be a blog by a guy who has 2 PhD’s sorry to disappoint you. As my story goes, I am a banker at a family owned bank in Omaha Nebraska. I formally worked for a large national bank.
I will be interjecting my personal dealings in the blog as we go along, I will not be using any actual names. Strictly situations that I have come across that could be a teachable moment.
I am here to educate and advocate.
Everything that I have written is by my own hand and is in no way the opinion or views of any of my current or previous employers.